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AP135 - Second Ethernet Port

Question regarding the second ethernet port on the 135s.  We are looking to physically seperate our employee and guest networks as much as possible, ideally assigning one port to the employee network and one to the guest network.  We're being told this isn't a possiblity.  Is this true?  We can seperate logically by VLAN of course but it would be awesome if we could use the second port to carry traffic.  Any ideas what the extra ethernet port is designed to do?

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Re: AP135 - Second Ethernet Port

I assume by employee vs. guest ports you meant that the uplink would still be uplink and you're trying to do what we used to call secure jack on the second port.You should be able to use it by going into the wired profiles. You can set up authentication and other settings there. I've used it to daisy chain APs using that port and power injectors at tradeshows in the past. 



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Re: AP135 - Second Ethernet Port

I see that you daisy chain APs using the second ethernet port and also read about it in the manual. Is there a limitation of the number of APs you can have in one daisy chain?


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