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Re: AP13x -> IAP13x conversion

I agree with Colin. Just because they gave it the same reset button, doesn't mean it can be an IAP. They probably just wanted to use the same plastic case, and figured "What the hell. Let's give people an easier way of purging an AP!"


Personally, I wish all my APs had a reset button like that.


Zach Jennings
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Re: AP13x -> IAP13x conversion

Hmmm - I have loaded IAP code to vanilla AP135. It started, but worked as lunatic :) There was no 'instant' SSID, no APs reported in Virtual Controller, only admin/forgetme! worked and no possibility to change any config permanently. There were multuple messages 'turn off mobility' on serial console. Maybe wrong flash region was used for code or there were missing settings in flash.



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Aruba Employee

Re: AP13x -> IAP13x conversion

AP13x has a different FCC regulatory certification framawork that IAP13x. If we load IAP13x software on AP13x hardware, it will not come up as software will not be able to identify which regulatory domain it belongs to. Radios will not be turned on if one runs Instant software on regular AP hardware


It is better to just order an IAP specific hardware.

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