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AP175 Point to Point issue

Setting up a Point to Point bridge using AP175  Have an issue getting an IP when I connect a switch to the Mesh Point side.


-Using bridge mode

-Cisco 6509 IDF switch connected to the Portal AP E0 interface.

-Cisco 3650 connected to the remote mesh point side also E0 interface.

-Need to get 3 VLANs to the mesh point side switch.  VLAN 10 cisco management, 64 user datavlan and 66 voice vlan..

-Non of these vlans are configured on the controller.  The are all on the core switch.  I was told by Aruba this is OK in a bridge setup.

-Trunking set up on the Cisco 6509 switch on the portal side to allow these vlans and native vlan 64.

Mesh Portal and Point AP groups have a wired profile also set to allow this same trunking.

-If I connect my PC directly to the remote mesh point e0 interface I can get an IP and ping into my network.

-The 3650is also set up for trunking but when I connect it to the mesh point interface and then connect my PC to the switch I can not pull an IP address.


I had support look at this issue and no luck yet.  They want me to collect some packet captures.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?  Any have a similar working senario using trunking of multiple VLANs?

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Re: AP175 Point to Point issue



It looks like trunking issue or IP Helper issue. I advise you to do pkt capture at DHCP and check whether it is receiving DHCP discovery messages, if yes then do pkt capture on the uplink port of the AP. once you do pkt capture you will get clear idea where exactly DHCP traffic is getting dropped.


Please feel free to comeback if any further support needed .

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: AP175 Point to Point issue

I believe it is a trunking issue.  DHCP works fine when I connect straight into the mesh point interface and I have several users getting DHCP from the LAN on vlan 64 from the portal side where I am extending the VLAN from.


I will eventually get to the packet capture I just haven't had time and was hoping someone here had a working example of this they could share.

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Re: AP175 Point to Point issue

BTW the Cisco switches are seup with dot1qt runking.  Does the Aruba supportt hat as I believe it is Cisco proprietary.




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Re: AP175 Point to Point issue

ISL is Cisco proprietary.

802.1q is industry standard.

Aruba Access Points support 802.1q


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Re: AP175 Point to Point issue

Solution - I had the exact same issue you are describing above.  for me I had changed the native vlan to 64 on the cisco switches and allowed vlans 10, 64, and 66 in the trunking.  In the wired profile I also matched these same settings but it did not work. 


Then my local SE informed me I was using the default system profile in the AP group and the default system profile uses native vlan 1.  I created a new system profile with native VLAN 64 and applied it to the AP group.  Issue resolved all my VLANs on the point mesh are now working.


The documentation does not mention needing a system profile or regulatory domain in the AP group.  I should had known better.  Hope this helps someone out there.

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