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AP204 - 802.11g



I'm using several Aruba Access Point model 204. But I have old devices that they don't support new feature like 802.11n protocol. So I have decided to spin only 802.11g.


I need a clarification. I want to ask how these APs behave when they are working with 802.11g protocol.


Do they use both radio chains or antenna 0 (radio chain 0) is used to transmitt and antenna 1 to receive?


Thank you for all suggestions





Re: AP204 - 802.11g

Both antennas are used for both transmit (CDD/CSD) and receive (MRC). While not absolutely needed, there are performance benefits associated with using both antennas (and radio chains).

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Re: AP204 - 802.11g

Hi Onno,


thank you for your answer.

It's more clear now


Best Regards


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