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AP205 uplink_vlan OS not working


we are not able to configure our new AP205 with the current setup... AP105 working well


3 TAGGED VLANs on AP uplink (configured on HP switch) - we configured the uplink_vlan but the AP ignore this setting

if i set one vlan as UNTAGGED, the AP is properly connected. in smaler offices we are not able to set a UNTAGGED vlan, there we only have the possibility to set one vlan as untagged or several as tagged.


maybe a bug in and AP205?






Re: AP205 uplink_vlan OS not working

Can you share the config from both AP models?  Have you opened a case?

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Re: AP205 uplink_vlan OS not working

yes, a case is already opened 1608666


which config? the whole show ap config ap-name?

both APs are working (205 / 105), however AP205 only when the management VLAN is untagged!




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