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AP225 GRE Stripping

Can some one explain to me how GRE stripping work when there are two Controllers? Does each controller need to have an ip assign and ip+1? Also, does it need to be on the same subnet and routable?



Re: AP225 GRE Stripping

This will be the straight forward config.


 In the WebUI go to Configuration > Controller > Controller IP Details. Set the appropriate mgmt IP.

Set the GRE-Striping-IP. Go to Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration > click ‘edit’ next to the AP group the AP-225s will be in.

Select the appropriate AP System Profile.

Set the LMS-IP to point to the appropriate controller then set the GRE-Striping-IP.

This must be the same as the mgmt. IP+1.



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Re: AP225 GRE Stripping

Thanks. this really help.



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