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AP225 Link Aggregation - Step by Step Guide



I have read various articles on how to enable GRE stripping but was hoping that someone could post a guide of how to do it on the GUI.  I am only using 2 x SSID's, Corporate and guest'.  I'm not using VLAN's.


I have a few of related questions:


1). Can you enable GRS stripping on the default AP group?


2). Do I have to set up another AP group and add all AP's to it i.e. 'AP-Group LACP'?


3). Do you set the LMS IP to the same IP address as the controller?


Any screen shots would be much appreciated.


Using 6.4


Thank you in advance






Re: AP225 Link Aggregation - Step by Step Guide

You should not use the default AP group.


Take a look here:




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