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AP270 Mesh and far side Aruba APs

Since MSR and MST line are now end of sale as of Apr2017.  Will Aruba support topologies where a pt-to-pt mesh between to AP27x that needs an Aruba AP connected to the ethernet port on the Mesh point side?  What topology would be recommended if this is not the case?





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Re: AP270 Mesh and far side Aruba APs

Not sure I follow, but we support PtP with IAP-27x now.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: AP270 Mesh and far side Aruba APs

Let me clarify...


We ave an existing Pt-to-Pt using AP277s...we want to terminate ethernet to an AP22x on the mesh-point side to serve clients that are not in range of the mesh-point AP.  In the past Aruba has discouraged these topologies because it creates tunnel-in-tunnel situations. 

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