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AP277 base controller as point to point mesh link

Hi All,


I have 2 iap 277 and convert it to base controller, we deploy it as point to point mesh link and already running and production for nearly 1 year.


but 1 week ago, suddenly the iap 277 with mesh point role down and wont up again, we try to reinstall again, re convert and re provision again, but mesh point wont up, even we try to switch role from each other , but again, the iap we use as mesh point wont up,


attached the log from iap,


kindly need your help guys



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Re: AP277 base controller as point to point mesh link

These are running AOS now (running on the controller I assume) and the screenshot is from the point? Did *anything* on the network change? Is it powered by a POE switch or a power injector? You took it down, did a factory-reset, then re-provisioned it back to the controller?


I would suggest opening a TAC case to have TAC look at it, but getting the full console output from the 277 mesh point would help. I asusme this 277 is being powered up within range of the mesh portal AND the mesh portal is up and broadcasting the mesh (you can do a 'show ap mesh topology' from the controller). 

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Re: AP277 base controller as point to point mesh link

dear Jhoward,


yes, this ap277 running on controller, there is no change on network configuration, suddenly the mesh point down and send those log when i console it


(vap_gone, error amsdu, etc)

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