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AP314 with AP-ANT-45 connections



We need to install AP314 with external antenna AP-ANT-45.

The AP314 has  four RP-SMA connectors (ANT0-ANT3).

I haven’t found anything for installation about the specific combination (AP port to Antenna port).

Do we need to follow a specific order and mapping ?

For example the ANT0 to the first cable of the external antenna ? or it doesn’t matter ?

If yes can you please specify how we count the cables from the external antenna as there is not any identification or numbering.


Thank you


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Re: AP314 with AP-ANT-45 connections



Anyone that has this combination of antennas ?


Thank you


Re: AP314 with AP-ANT-45 connections

It does not matter, as long as you connect all 4 and ensure that the elements connected to A0 and A1 have perpendicular (+/-90 degrees) polarizations.

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