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AP325 and GRE Striping IP configuration

Hi all,

     I have read a lot of post about it but i have one doubt:

I have 2 controller in a master/local scenario in different L3 networks, I also have some AP Groups configured with LMS and LMP backup IP configured.



I have to configure a new building with ap325 and lacp aggregation, my doubt is: referring to




 the "AP LACP LMS map information" configuration seem a global configuration, could it create problem with others running groups/aps?

Re: AP325 and GRE Striping IP configuration

Hi Mauro,


1. Are you adding AP-325's for the first time on the network?

2. Does the existing network has any of the  AP-220 Series , AP-270 Series, and AP-320 AP's?


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Re: AP325 and GRE Striping IP configuration

Hi Nitesh,

   my network is composed only by IAP-325, I have the HQ and some branch offices already with 325. I have to setup a new brach office with the dual cable and the lacp config.

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Re: AP325 and GRE Striping IP configuration

Asked to the support, that's the solution:


the field is global but doesn't interfere with other group, in the selected group I have to set in "no shut" the enet0 and enet1, plus the switch configuration for LACP.

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