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AP93 strange message

Hi all,


In Monitoring->Local Events page of my Aruba650 Controller, I see this strange message from an AP93 a lot of time:


KERNEL(APPT-Hall@ ath_bstuck_tasklet: Radio 0 stuck beacon; resetting (bmiss count 16)


Does anyone know what it means and what can be caused?

Is this a wrong behavior? What can I do to avoid this?





Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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Re: AP93 strange message

Is there a crash involved? You can check by using the CLI command "show ap debug crash-info ap-name x", where x = the ap name. If there is no crash, it may be a cosmetic issue. If there is a crash, you might need a code upgrade. What code are you currently running ("show version" will give you this).

Re: AP93 strange message


What is radio resets and beacon stuck at the radio ?

16 Consecutive Beacons could not be sent out over the air.
This could happen due to various conditions ranging from very high channel utilization (hence no opportunity for channel access to send the packet out) or due to some internal conditions in the radio.

Our automatic recovery mechanism is to do a radio reset. You may want to monitor the channel busy radio stat and noise floor to get an idea, if this is happening quite often.

When this condition is detected, the chip is reset and the problem goes away. This is not a serious problem if this does not happen frequently.

Is this happening continuously? Could you check send the channel busy stats?

In the event of a stuck beacon and radio reset, what effect (if any) does the client experience? Do they get dropped during a radio reset?
No.. but they may look for other APs because of no beacons from current AP.

Please provide the output of show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name of the ap>





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Re: AP93 strange message

Hi olino,

The version of Aruba650 is and any crash is involved. But what do you mean with 'cosmetic issue'?



Hi Sriram Subramanian,

This behavior happens very often, in particular for this AP. I know that that the environment where the APs are installed is very noisy.

The client complains about wifi disconnections also if the wifi signal is very good, but we have also a problem with DHCP server so I don't know if the issues are created from APs behavior. Now we solved the DHCP problem, so we can monitor more accurately if the disconnection issues continue.


But if the radio of AP reset, doesn't the AP reboot? I don't see AP reboot message.


Here i attached the "show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name of the ap>" result.



Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013

Re: AP93 strange message

Thanks for providing output. However I dont see any anomalies as such from the output as radio resets numbers seems to be too low.
There is no reset beacon failure or channel busy.



Total Radio Resets 20
Resets Beacon Fail 0
TX Power Changes 1
Channel Changes 1
Radio Band Changes 0
Current Noise Floor 96


Channel Busy 1s 12
Channel Busy 4s 1
Channel Busy 64s 5


Please collect and monitor the below output when the issue re-occurs; upload the same to review.


1. Enable user-debug on controller ( from config mode, #logging level debugging user-debug <mac address of user> )
2. Run the show ap debug client-table ap-name to look for retries, Client tx/rx rate.
3. Run the show ap tech-support for twice or thrice to which user is coneected and save it to putty.log

User-debug will provide and AP techsupport will provide user and AP behavior (channel noise, mac or phy errors, arm statistics etc.) at this time when issue occurs. Above theory should help us to nail down the issue.



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Re: AP93 strange message

I forgot to say that the AP at the moment of command "show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name of the ap>" was UP from 4 hours...

Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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Re: AP93 strange message

I attach here the command show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <ap-name> radio 0 advanced. The AP is now UP from 18 hours. As you can see there is a lot of Total Radio Resets than previous attachment, and all of these is in Resets BeacQ Stuck.


Total Radio Resets               84
Resets Beacon Fail               0
BB Check Positives               0
Resets BeacQ Stuck            84
Resets Fatal Intr                     0
Resets RX Overrun                0
Resets RF Gain                      0
Resets MTU Change             0
Resets TX Timeouts              0
POE-Related Resets             0
External Reset                         0
PCI Fatal Intr Reset                0
TX Power Changes                1
Channel Changes                  1
Radio Band Changes            0
Current Noise Floor              76



Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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