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AP93H disable pass through port?



Is it possible to disable the pass through port on an AP93H? If an AP 93H was put into a customer premises we would not want them to be able to wire directly into our AP VLAN.






Re: AP93H disable pass through port?

I don't believe there is any way to disable the pass-through; as it is just that, a pass-through...without configuration.   It is a separate Ethernet run to the AP.   The AP itself and ports ENET1-ENET4 are configured through E0 (rear of AP).  The pass-through port on the rear bypasses the AP configuration to the pass through labeled port on the front.


To accomplish what you are asking, you can either not plug in an Ethernet wire to the pass-through port on the back of the 93H; or make sure that drop is on a different VLAN or just not patched in at the switch.

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Re: AP93H disable pass through port?

Ok Thanks. I was thinking that that the pass through port gave access to the uplink port. I did not realise that there was a seperate passive port on the back.

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