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APs appear to bring down ENTIRE network

Hello all! We are using multiple Aruba model 205 APs at a client site. Its an old building and wiring has been run from a newer area into the old building and a POE switch to support four additional access points on that floor. There are no subnets involved, both buildings should be on the same network. Recently and very suddenly, this arrangement began misbehaving to the point that it would bring down the ENTIRE network (wired and wireless, both buildings) for about 10 seconds of every 30. This symptom starts after any of (or any combination of, or all of) these access points completes its initialization and begins its normal operation. The strangest thing is that we can hook this same configuration up at the source and it will work fine. We have pulled a log from one of the access points and it has lots of red flags, but I still cannot explain why this configuration is misbehaving this drastically. I would welcome any and all suggestions!


Addition: File FurtherInfo is a list of ALL APs. The blue ones are in the NEW building, The Yellow ones are the ones involved, and the Orange ones are on the same floor but these appear to work OK. 


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Re: APs appear to bring down ENTIRE network

Of course, since this process brings the network down, we can only try things on-site during the last part of the day. I'm thinking of firing up wireShark and take a look at the network traffic during this time. Y'all please let me know if you see anything definite or if you need me to pull anything else. Thank you all! 

Re: APs appear to bring down ENTIRE network

In the switch do you see any spanning tree logs ?

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Thank you

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Re: APs appear to bring down ENTIRE network

No, but the last switch has Spanning Tree disabled. We may head over this afternoon and try a few more things if time permits.

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Re: APs appear to bring down ENTIRE network

Sounds like a layer 2 loop condition. Does an Ap-205 have dual ethernet interfaces?


If so, consider using only one.

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