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APs connected to trunk ports



Just wondering about connecting an AP to a trunk port, as is the recommendation for air monitors and necessary for APs with bridged vaps.


Do I need to configure anything in the wired-port profile specific for this?  Is it just a case of an 'out of the box' AP being plugged into a trunk port and then it works?


I think I've only ever put an AP into an access port, so interested to find out.




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Re: APs connected to trunk ports

Ethernet 0 on an AP is always in trunk mode, so there is nothing you need to do on the AP config.  Your switch port can be trunk or acces.  If it is trunk mode, set the native (untagged) VLAN to the VLAN where you want the AP to get it's IP address from.


If you are using Ethernet 1 (on a dual Ethernet AP), you have to manually set it to trunk mode using the wired port profile.

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