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APs losing connection to controller

Has anyone had an issues with APs not finding the controller. Some APs at the site do and some do not. They can fail over to the master and with the help of LMS Pre-emption they find the controller again but this is a massive issue affecting deployments.


Any help would be apprecaited.

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Re: APs losing connection to controller

There could be a number of reasons.


If an access point switches to another controller it is because it is missing heartbeats which could be a connectivity issue somewhere between the switchport the AP is on and the switchport the controller is on.  If it is only at one site, you can limit the search to the networking equipment at that site to see if there is congestion that would keep heartbeats from going through or errors or switchports in the path.


If you type "show ap debug counters", you can get an idea by how many times an access point bootstraps.  You should also try to turn off preemption or even backup lms while figuring this out to ensure that the AP stays on one controller so that you would only be looking one controller for data.  If the LMS-IP is pointing at a VRRP, see if the VRRP is going through transitions by typing "show vrrp statistics".


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