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APs on different subnet and no Master-backup



I have a setup with a Master and local controllers in the datacentre with several local controllers at different sites.  Some of the smaller sites don't have a local controller, but terminate on the data centre vrrp, which points to the local.


Without having a master-backup, what are the implications to the deployment should the master fail.  What about if the APs on the sites without a controller happen to reboot?  Does this mean they won't come back up? 


Should I have set the 'masterip' to be the vrrp address in the data centre?





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Re: APs on different subnet and no Master-backup

You should always make sure that the APs can resolve the name "aruba-master" (or whatever you put in the master controller field).  If that name points to the VIP, then you will be OK if the APs reboot.  If the name points to the master's interface IP and the master is down, the APs will reboot continually until they can find the master (except the ones that have a contoller on their same VLAN, if ADP is enabled).


I have personally never seen VRRP between a master and a local, but i guess it should work.

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