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APs stops responding

Hi, first time on AirHeads :)

I'm here to ask a question. We have a strange issue that i'm not able to resove.

There is an Instant AP installation with some APs (like 15), sometimes at random one AP stops responding from extrernal network but is still reachable from the management network and I see the AP is still associated to the master AP.


After the reboot the AP will return reachable from external networks.

It seems like the AP lose the gateway config, so i've checked the config but there is the correct default route.


We have this firmware version:


AP Model: 305


Thanks for any advice :)




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Re: APs stops responding

Were you ever able to find the issue with this?  I have the same issue although with IAP-135s.



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Re: APs stops responding


I've figured out with the Support and it seems a bug resolved in firmware and later (for IAP 305).

Check firmware release notes for your model, maybe you will find the right firmware :)

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