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Our current environment is primarily (99%) company owned devices which are all 5GHZ capable.  As such, we use an SSID which only supports 5ghz for client access.  We have client match turned on since the APs are 11n and the clients are almost all 11n capable as well.  Life is good...


Now they want to allow BYOD.  While we are in "discussions" regarding 2.4ghz, it is quite likely management will require this band as well.  Since legacy devices (2.4ghz and 11a) are not supported with client match, should I turn band steering and spectrum load balancing on and turn off client match?  2.4ghz has never been supported by us outside of our VoIP phones (they get exclusive use of the frequency).


Re: ARM and BYOD

ClientMatch (if enabled) includes the SLB and Band Steering features.  They do not need to be enabled explicitly if ClientMatch is enabled

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