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ARM and TX power as function of associated clients



We have a tender with one requirement being: "automatic adjustment of TX power as function of number of connected clients". I assume this requirement has Beam Forming roots, and that this is not something we do as part of ARM functionality. Am I correct?



And with AP13x/22x supporting beam forming - do we comply with the above requirement?


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Re: ARM and TX power as function of associated clients

This is not a function of ARM.


If they are asking if ARM will adjust power higher (more power) as the amount of users increase your causing your self a problem.
The more users you have the less distance you want the signal to travel. Did Xirrus write the request they are the only ones I can think of using beam forming in 802.11n ap's.


Beam forming was part of the standards in 802.11n but very very few decided to use beam forming. The standards for beam forming was to wide open each manufacture wanted to do it differently causing a stalemate.


802.11ac has redefined beam forming which most manufactures will implement, I don’t know for sure if the 22X ap will support it out of the gate down the road it may.

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