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a customer call me he have an aruba2400 and 10 AP only for his HOUSE!!  they have intermitent connectios with the voice and data, the configuration is a mess, no firewall licencesing, no WIPS, everythin OPEN and i convinced to buy licenses .


The controller have the version as far i know this controller accept the latest version of arubaOS 5.0.3, can i jump from code 3.1.17 to 5? or i need 3.1 to 3.4, 5 and so on?


does this equipment suppor PEFNG or only PEF? i need to read a lot in the releases notes but if someone  had do this with this kind of upgrading and can give me a shortcut for what is better i will apreciate a lot...





I uploaded for u the release notes for (read it - it got upgrade notes)

(first upgrade to 3.3 or 3.4) - and read the PDF :smileyhappy:


If you upgrade from 3.x > 5,x, the licenses will be converted for you.


Basically, they consolidated all licenses into 3 (there are a couple more now, but they are specific to service providers and content security). 


The AP licenses stay as AP licenses.

The RAP licenses get converted to AP licenses (a RAP now consumes an AP licenses).

The PEF license is now called PEF-NG and is based on the number of APs you have, not users.

The WIP license is now called RFP (rf protect) and is based on the number of APs.


The following licenses have been rolled into one of the new licenses or the other: RAP, Voice Service module, and mesh (both outdoor and indoor). 



let me know if u have any further questions.


have a lovely night.



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10 APs for a house!!! I can see this house glow at night from my house


The 2400 controller only take PEF and WIP and it came with 48 AP licenses preload.  At minimum, I’d like to have PEF, but heck, a 48 PEF license if probably cost your customer more than what he paid for his 2400 and 10 APs on EBay. 


The base license is good enough for whatever your customer want to accomplish.

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heeck im at customer site, really have a big site in his house and is not 10 AP he have 37 AP!! i like this type of clieents!

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