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ARUBA 7210 and 7220 HA

Hi all i have an issue regarding HA.

we have 2 controllers, 7210 and 7220, 7210 is master and 7220 is local. The issue is that both controllers are synching database each other but when master goes down, APs do not shift to local controller. Local controller is able to ping any UP AP.  Need help.. its urgent.

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Re: ARUBA 7210 and 7220 HA

Can you post: 

from Master: show switches, show license, show ap database, show license server-table

from local: show license, show ap database




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Re: ARUBA 7210 and 7220 HA

컨트롤러의 HA 구성시 필요한 설정을 모두 하였나요?


lms-backup lms 설정 이 되어 있어야 하며 ap-system profile 에 적용이 되어 있어야 합니다.

추가로 라이선스 상태 (centralizied licensing enable 설정 ) 확인이 필요합니다.


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RE: ARUBA 7210 and 7220 HA

Once the flag information in the AP database information is displayed as S?


If it is not marked as S, it is not a normal HA configuration state.


Did you check preemption when configuring HA?



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