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(ASK) Aruba 8.3 RAP - Controller Nodelist Settings

I got setup as follow:



Background :

- Aruba OS

- All sites connected by MPLS, no public IP on networks

- All AP can reach controller IP

- RAP SSID configured with bridge network

- RAP mode is needed, because the connection of SITE-A or SITE-B is not good, so we use RAP OPERATION = BACKUP (CAP can't achieve this)

- LMS IP Address for PDC/DRC is the VRRP IP of the cluster.


Question :

1. I have setup LMS\B-LMS, but APs are terminated randomly on PDC/DRC. Can I force AP termination primary to VRRP-PDC?

2. I dont fill-in the CONTROLLER-CLUSTER RAP POOL on MM, should I use it?  

3. Any other suggestion maybe?




Best Regards

Yopianus Linga


Re: (ASK) Aruba 8.3 RAP - Controller Nodelist Settings

I'm unclear which address you're using for the LMS IP? Is it the VIP for the PDC or the VIP for the DRC?


Before the RAP even gets to the LMS info, how is the RAP determining the initial master IP to connect to for config? 

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: (ASK) Aruba 8.3 RAP - Controller Nodelist Settings

Backup LMS : VIP DRC

AP was provisioned to PDC VIP.
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