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About 802.11 broadcast frames

Hi community,


Do you know how broadcast frames are handled in Wi-Fi? I have been googling but the information I have found in several sites is contradictory. This is some sentences I have found about when an AP sends a broadcast frame:


  • Broadcast frames are converted to unicast and sent independently to every single station associated with the AP.
  • Broadcast frames are sent as usual and every station is able to understand them.
  • Broadcast frames are acknowledged by every station.
  • Broadcast frames do not need to be acknowleged.

Do you know what of these senteces are true? Or does the behaviour depends on the vendor?

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Re: About 802.11 broadcast frames

This book will answer a majority of your questions on here:


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Re: About 802.11 broadcast frames

Well, after browsing at this book and others, I can conclude that broadcast frames are sent as usual (not converted to unicast) and every station will hear them. In addition, these broadcast frames do not need to be acknowledged. 

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