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Access Points Dropping and Not Reconnecting

So hopefully this makes sense how I'm going to describe this issue.

We have 2 access points that work fine unless as PoE Switch or the Aruba Controller is restarted. Once that happens, the access point will not reconnect, no matter what we do. I've checked patch cords, cable runs, switch configs, etc. I've swapped the non working APs to known working ones. They still don't come on, but the one I swapped it works in the other location.


The ONLY solution I've found is factory reset the access point (run the purge and clear os commands). Then the next time it boots it works. I can then reset the IP address and rename it, click Provision and it works until next time.


Is there anything else I can try?

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Re: Access Points Dropping and Not Reconnecting



Which model APs those are ? it looks like issue is with the AP uplink device. which POE switch you are using, check whether they support "at" standard or not.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Access Points Dropping and Not Reconnecting

They are the AP125, Switches are using 3Com 5500Gs.


Keep in mind that we have 75 working AP125s with the same switched setup.


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