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Access points for Iron/Steel warehouse

I am looking for a wireless solution in an industrial enviroment. We have this big warehouse. We need to use our tablets/handheld device to use our SAP system and do the inventory. Now the issue is the Warehouse is made of concrete mostly and. We have piles of metal plates in all the warehouse (piles of 4 meters). So I cant find an access point solution for this kind of environment. I know concrete and Metal is th worst enemy for the Wireless. So any work around or similar case study to check.




Re: Access points for Iron/Steel warehouse

You can use Aruba AP's within this environment. The main issue is to ensure that the 802.11 environment is correctly planned and designed. Generally this is established with an on-site physical survey or at the very least using VisualRF. Certain factors such as lots of shelving in the warehouse then you may need to look at directional antennas verses omni antennas. Other factors to consider is interference, some warehouse machines generate non 802.11 interference which can cause issues. This can be investigated with a Spectrum Analyzer. You will also need to consider the type of warehouse environment and if any suitable protective covering for an AP is required.

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