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Access points wont show up on central!



I have installed 25 APs for one of my costumers but I am having problem with provisioning them now. Last week (friday) I tested and proviosioned two of them which all went good. One of them became controller and it was showing as online for both of them on central.


Today I went to do the same for the other APs. I changed the cable on the connected ones (those two I connected on friday) and immidiately they went down and they never came up when connection was restored. I connected then 8 more and every single one of them got the configuration from central (even though they did not showed up on the central and the controller is showing down there). Then I connected 15 more which didnt receive any configuration at all. All of the APs can ping device.arubanetworks.com and they have the way out on the internet configured. 


I have added all these APs manually, with serial key and mac address just ot try to bring them up on the central but it isnt working. Any ideas how to fix this?


Re: Access points wont show up on central!

Am I understanding correctly that the APs are active and received configuration from Central, but are showing as down in Central?


What AP model(s) are these 25 APs?

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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Re: Access points wont show up on central!

Hi Clemmer,


We have actually solved this issue. We converted the IAP-303 to AP with the latest firmware installed and then they joined on the cluster alltogether. 

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