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AccessPoint disconnects Clients after two or three month



i have a problem with an OAW-4604 running AOS-W 



I have 23 Access-Points (OAW-AP105). They work correctly and there are no problems. But after two or three month, a few Access-Points (random) are going to disconnect Clients (2,4 GHz, b & g Clients). The Client then reconnects, but after a short time the client will disconnected again and so on.


After unplugging the AP from the PoE (or reboot) there are no problems for the next two or three month. Don't know what problem this could be. I think that I will make an update to But maybe here is somebody with an idea for this problem.


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Re: AccessPoint disconnects Clients after two or three month

Before you go jumping to a new revision, put a user in debug mode. Then after it happens to that user, check the logs.


After that, if it isn't clear what is happening from the logs, I would open a TAC support case. They can help you determine if upgrading will solve this problem.


Basic Troubleshooting
1. Put your device in debug logging on the controller: conf t, logging level debugging user-debug your-device-mac

2. Simulate the failure

3. Now look at the logs: show log user-debug all | include your-mac-address


TAC will ask for this anyways. So it's a good place to start.




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