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Accesspoints changing controllers


I have a question regarding accesspoints changing controllers and rebooting.

2 times this month we have recieved alerts that a number of accesspoints(arround 50-60 out of 1700) have gone offline, rebooted and sometimes changed controller from Master to Local.

After a while they all return to normal. We have a 2 WLC (master and local) setup with arround 1700 accesspoints. We fail to find a reasson to this behaviour. No other network equipment experience any issues during these brief episodes.

Some of the alerts in Airwave looks like this:

Aruba AP 105 XXXXXXXX AP's associated controller is changed from XXXX-ARUBA-MASTER-7240 to XXXXX-ARUBA-LOCAL01-7240


The timeline is:

1st a log that says the AP changed Controller

then a log that says the AP is up

and then lastly a log saying that the AP is status "OK".


Any input is apreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Accesspoints changing controllers

We run FW and we have verified that the WAN-links have 100% uptime during these episodes.

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Re: Accesspoints changing controllers

Hi Niklas,


We had this issue too, and opend a support case.

We upgraded to, and Aruba also had us correct our Master Local HA and Preemption by turning off HA on Bkup-lms.


APs do seem stable now.




show ha group-profile mtuhag

Parameter                     Value
---------                     -----
Preemption                    Enabled
HA on Bkup-lms                Disabled
Over-subscription             Disabled
State Synchronization         Disabled
Pre-shared Key                N/A
Inter Controller heartbeat    Disabled
Heartbeat Threshold           5
Heartbeat Interval            100
HA group-member IP address dual
HA group-member IP address dual
HA group-member IPv6 address  N/A 


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Re: Accesspoints changing controllers

Thank you for the reply.

I have opened a Supportcase today to have this fixed.


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