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Add a single port to a vlan


On my S2500 router, I confiure port 10 to be on VLAN 500. Utilizing the GUI, I go to Configuration, Ports, Switching. I then create a new profile and set the Access VLAN to 500 and Set the Native VLAN to 500 and port 10 under Association. When I plug a laptop in to port 10, I receive 192.168.50.x, which is the proper ip address.

But, when I do the same exact thing on my S1500, which is uplinked to the S2500, I don't get any ip address under VLAN 500. As a test, if I set the Access VLAN and Native VLAN to 1 (default) the laptop receives a 10.1.10.x, which is correct. Please see the attached screenshot. I would be greatful if anyone could shed some light on what may be preventing me from getting the same results on the S1500? I really appreciate any help that I can get on this. 

Thank you.


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Re: Add a single port to a vlan


Is this the topology you are trying to setup ?

{S2500} GE0/0/10 ------ VLAN 500 ------ GE0/0/10 {S1500} GE0/0/<?> ------ VLAN ?--- laptop

Can you also provide the configuration applied to ports on S1500 as well ?
Also indicate the corresponding RVI (Routed vlan Interface) config (interface vlan <X>)

Ideally, 'show running-config' from both the switches would help check if it is config issue..



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Re: Add a single port to a vlan



It looks like a trunking issue. ensure the following configuration is in place.


1. Port on S1500 and S2500 connected each other should be trunk

2. Ensure the native vlan is 500 ( as per your requirement ) and allowed VLAN should be configured accordingly.


Please feel free to comeback if this don't solve the issue.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Add a single port to a vlan

Hi Guys.

I was just using the S2500 as a test, to see if the vlans were setup and functioning, dare I say, correctly.

I configured vlan 500 myself, shout out to the AirHeads commumity, but I want to have a single port on the S1500 to be a trunk, to only receive 192.168.50.x from our dhcp server. My DHCP Server is on 10.1.10.x vlan. My goal is to have our TV Studio have their own vlan, so to allow thier camera's to roam our building and communicate back to the Studio. 

Please find the attached running config.

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Re: Add a single port to a vlan


You need to confirm your end-to-end topology to help us answer better (as asked earlier above)

This is required to find out if there are multiple device/subnet hopping is invloved for your end devices to reach the DHCP server.



Based on your running-config attached:

I see that, there is no mention of any native VLAN  (against your original description at top)


Plus, On almost all ports, you are attaching the same switching profile:


interface-profile switching-profile "WirelessAP"
   switchport-mode trunk

As a result all those ports will be trunk members of ALL the VLANs.

==> Are the end devices which are plugged to the switch ports are intellegent enough to send explict tagged packets with specific VLAN ?  or they sending packets un-tagged ?

 If un-tagged, by default the native VLAN is 1.


So, the request would be hitting for VLAN-1

interface vlan "1"
   ip address


And your DHCP server ( is also in same subnet


Plus VLAN 1 is your default gateway

   controller-ip vlan 1


As a result you will end up getting DHCP IP always for VLAN-1 subnet (10.1.10.X)


If you want IP address for your end devices (cameras) on VLAN 500 subnet, then create s switching profile such that, the target/connected switch port is in vlan 500 (access/native).

 Then, your DHCP relay applied under that RVI (Routed Vlan Interface) would kick in  (interface vlan 500)

interface-profile dhcp-relay-profile "DHCPRelay1"
interface vlan "500"
   dhcp-relay-profile "DHCPRelay1"
   ip address


 And, To verify if the switch-port has proper desired vlan membership, use these commands

'show vlan' &

'show interface gigabitethernet 0/0/<x> switchport extensive'



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