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Adding New Licence's

Hey all


I know it must be something quite simple I am missing here.


Currently I am running an Aruba 3600 as my master controller and secondary both with OS versions of
 I have maxed out my initial amount of 36 AP's inclusive of 3 RAP's and attempted to add some new licence's that I have received from Aruba in increment of 4. However, when I reboot my controller after adding the activation key, I am still not able to add new AP's. When I do a "show licence" I dont see it in the table.


Any insight on my dilema would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Adding New Licence's

are you adding both req. licenses? 


- AP License

- Next Generation Policy Enforcement Module? or RF Protect Lic?





Re: Adding New Licence's

run "show ap license-usage" and look at the field Overall AP License Limit and section for Remaining AP capacity.     As Giovanni suggests, all license numbers must be equal if you are using the features (ie. AP/PEFNG/RF Protect); if not the lowest common denominator is allowed.


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Re: Adding New Licence's



Its funny you should ask that, we only received LIC-AP licences and nothing else.


No Next Generation Policy Enforcement Module or RF Protect Lic

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Re: Adding New Licence's



Here is the output os that show command.


(PRIMARY-MASTER) #show ap license-usage

AP Licenses
Type                      Number
----                      ------
AP Licenses               36
RF Protect Licenses       36
PEF Licenses              68
Overall AP License Limit  36

AP Usage
Type            Count
----            -----
CAPs            34
RAPs            2
Tunneled nodes  0
Total APs       36

Remaining AP Capacity
Type  Number
----  ------
CAPs  0
RAPs  0

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Re: Adding New Licence's

You need to add more PEF licenses otherwise you are capped at 36.

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Re: Adding New Licence's

Yes Sir..



Agree with Tim, contact you provider and ask for the licenses you are missing.



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Re: Adding New Licence's

Thank you all for the information provided. I just got off the phone with them and they have informed me that they would send to me by EOBD.

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