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Adding a second controller for HA

I currently have a single 7005 controller running Aruba OS I have just purchased a second 7005 controller to use for high availability. Unfortnately, I'm not sure what the best way to set this up is. Should the second controller be a Master as well, or a Local?


If it's a Master, do I need to duplicate all of the configuration (VLANs, APs, etc) from the existing controller manually?


The existing master is the default router for the Wireless VLANs... do I need to use VRRP to get the redundancy, or does the newer HA configuration options in Aruba handle that automatically?


What about licenses? Do all of my licenses (AP, RF Protect, PEF) follow the AP to the backup controller?


Sorry if these questions have been asked, but I was unable to find any good information on how to get this configured.

Re: Adding a second controller for HA



I'll give you some general advice as I do not know your setup and provide you some links so you can read more.


Right, I'd setup the second controller as a local controller. Most config will be pushed to it but you'll need to add VLANs etc.


Here's some reading on adding a local controller.


If you enable centralised licensing on your master you will not need additional licenses on your local controller (assuming you're not using controller specific licenses like PEFV etc.)


Here's the HA bit you'll need to have a read of.


In relation to your master being the default route(r) for your Wireless VLANs, can you explain this setup a bit please? What is doing DHCP? Are you doing source NAT on these VLANs?


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