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Adding vlan pool to vap broke ssid!

Recently upgraded to from v3.3 and wanted to enable vlan pooling on our primary ssid, in th ehope of providing better distributioni of clients across multiple vlans.  We also had an issue on v3.3 the meant clients would be put on a vlan that wasnt even assigned to the vap.


We groupled several vlans together into a pool, assigned the pool in the vap.. applied.. all seemed ok, but about 5 minutes later, the primary ssid stopped broadcasting!


We decided to then set up a test ssid (using a clone of the primary ssid), and went through the same process.  A few minutes after adding the vlan pool, the ssid stopped broadcasting!


Removed the vlan pool, and manually addedthe vlans in, and the ssid started broadcasting again.


Any ideas?


Update:  What we have noticed is that when the config is saved, and pushed to the other controllers, if you look at the vlan pool on one of the locals, it doesnt contain any vlans!



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Re: Adding vlan pool to vap broke ssid!

Only the Vlan pool name is defined at  the master controller.  The actual VLANs must be configured on the VLAN pool name on each local controller.


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Re: Adding vlan pool to vap broke ssid!

Thanks for that! 


I suppose its done that way as you wouldnt necessarily have the same vlans on all controllers, like we have.  Just "asssumed" that if the vlans were the same across all, that it would set them up. 


Think aftter working in IT for so long that I would have learnt to to assume anything!



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