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Addressing APs

We are beginning a network switch upgrade with all new IP address schemes. Does anybody use DHCP on their APs and if so do you have any problems with this. I don't really think it would matter much but I just want to make sure before I begin changing these APs over. Thanks. 

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Re: Addressing APs

All environments I see are using DHCP for APs.

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Re: Addressing APs

Thanks Tim. Appreciate the quick time for the answer.

Re: Addressing APs

People should *ALWAYS* use DHCP for the access points. If the network IP scopes change and the APs are statically assigned, the only fix is to console in to each AP and either change to DHCP or add a new static, which can be *very* labor intensive. 

If the thought is that each AP should have a known and fixed IP address, then DHCP reservations should be used to assign known IPs to the AP's known macaddr.

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Re: Addressing APs

Thanks Jerrod, I agree with you.

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