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Air Wave Manager For the Enterprise

Hi All


Thanks for the knowledge I have obtained from this site ! It is truly very helpful.


I was wondering if anyone can please assist in the following.


Our Organization is looking at deploying  Airwave Manager, the problem is we are bound to only use Servers specified in our Tender.


Can anyone tell me what IBM server platform to use for the Enterprise setup , we are looking at +/- 2500 devices ?


Thank you



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Re: Air Wave Manager For the Enterprise

For 2500 devices, the recommended server needs:

- Dual Quad Core Intel® Xeon X5687

- min clock speed of 3.6 GHz

- number of CPUs = 2

- 36GB of memory

- 375 GB of disk space

- Sustained IOPs of 1500 at 4KB random write



Aruba Employee

Re: Air Wave Manager For the Enterprise

How many users do you expect connecting to the wireless on a daily basis. That is to say, how many new users per day. Please give some more information on the environment. Is there an open ssid? Is this for a public area? If it is an office, is it in a downtown area of a city? How long do you want your data retention to be? The sizing guide is a baseline, but there are other factors that may require more storage.


Zach Jennings
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