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Air print not working



I have placed printer(airprint enabled) in VLAN 201 with SSID printer-MAC. and i have placed the ipad in vlan 201 with SSID-BYOD


as they are in same vlan , ipad should be able to scan the printer ri8!! but it is not able to scan printer in L2 domain.


For VAP printer-MAC, i have disabled drop broadcast and Multicast

For VAP BYOD, i have disabled drop broadcast and multicast


in the stateful firewall, i have disabled broadcast filter-arp.


Is there any configuration i have missed to make airprint to work????





Re: Air print not working

Are you running 6.3?  If so, try enabling Airgroup?

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Re: Air print not working

NO, controller is running on 6.2.14


I know that airgroup works across the subnets.

However now ipads and printer are in same vlan




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