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AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

Running AOS - AirGroup


Two Apple TVs

Both registered as Airgroup devices in ClearPass Guest

Both connected to the same SSID and VLAN Pool

One owned by user 1 and shared with user 2

2nd owned by user 2 and shared with user 1

User 1 can not see his own Apple TV on the network using AirPlay but is able to see user2


I cant figure out why.

I should point out that I have 8 or so other Apple TV units that are working fine.

Anyone have any thoughts

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Re: AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

See if the Apple TV is in the list "show airgroup servers"

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Re: AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

The device does appear in the list of airgroup servers.


I deleted the device from ClearPass and re-entered it with my credentials. Initially, The device did not show in my iPads list of AirPlay devices.  I the edited the "Shared With" field to include my user ID as well as the owner's" Still no luck!  After removing all users from the "Shared With" field, I was able to connect to the Apple TV.


The may be some confusion over the registration process with respect to the sharing setup.

We have been operating under the assumption that if the "Shared With" field is left empty when the device is registered that the AirPlay device would only be available to the person who registered it in CleaPass Guest.  When I configured and tested my AirGroup deployment, this seemed to be the case.


Maybe what I should be asking is for some clarification on this as I found the documentation conflicting from one source to another.

If the "Shared With" field is not populated with usernames, who can see the AirPlay Device?

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Re: AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

Was it created as a Personal or Shared device?


Shared Devices have no owner.

Personal devices have one owner and the device is automatically shared to the owner.

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NOTE: Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
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Re: AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

Tim, Thanks for your input.



The difference between shared devices and personal devices may be the source of my problem.


The intention was for staff to be able to login to ourclearpass.com/guest

and then register their own personal devices.  It looks like what is happening is that some staff members are creating shared devices while others are creating personal devices.  What I cant figure out is why when all users should be creating devices as AirGroup Operators. The default should be Personal Device.


Here is an example of a device created by a staff member (airgroup operator) that looks to have been created correctly.


     Attribute         Value

1.    Create Time    =     2014-02-06 12:58:22+00
2.    Visitor Name    =     terry's reflector
3.    [Role ID]    =     2
4.    airgroup_device_type    =     apple-tv
5.    airgroup_enable    =     1
6.    airgroup_shared    =     
7.    airgroup_shared_user    =     C12660
8.    do_expire    =     0
9.    expire_postlogin    =     0
10.    http_user_agent    =     Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:26.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/26.0
11.    mac    =     00-22-FA-E7-C7-F4
12.    mac_auth    =     1
13.    no_password    =     1
14.    no_portal    =     1
15.    remote_addr    =
16.    simultaneous_use    =     1
17.    source    =     mac_create
18.    source2    =     airgroup_personal_create
19.    sponsor_profile_name    =     AirGroup Operator


This device, also created by a staff member is not as expected. I have highlited what I thing are the problems.

It looks to me like that this device is a shared device even though it is in the personal device list.


Attribute         Value

1.    Create Time    =     2014-01-17 12:33:39+00
2.    Visitor Name    =     NEPE-Vocal Room Apple TV
3.    [Role ID]    =     2
4.    airgroup_device_type    =     apple-tv
5.    airgroup_enable    =     1
6.    airgroup_shared    =     1
7.    airgroup_shared_location    =    
8.    airgroup_shared_role    =    
9.    airgroup_shared_user    =    
10.    do_expire    =     0
11.    expire_postlogin    =     0
12.    http_user_agent    =     Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9_1) AppleWebKit/537.73.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/7.0.1 Safari/537.73.11
13.    mac    =     5C-F9-38-BC-9C-2A
14.    mac_auth    =     1
15.    no_password    =     1
16.    no_portal    =     1
17.    remote_addr    =
18.    simultaneous_use    =     1
19.    source    =     mac_create
20.    source2    =     airgroup_personal_create

21.    sponsor_profile_name    =     AirGroup Operator



Finally, just so that I am clear on this.

An airgroup personal device is always available to its owner.

If no users are entered in the shared with field, only the owner can see the device in AirPlay. Correct?



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Re: AirGroup and AirPlay works for some not for others.

I Think I may have figured out what has been happening. So I am posting this as an FYI in case someone else runs into the same issue.


When a user with AirGroup Operator rights logs on to ClearPass Guest to register a device it is created as a Personal Device.

When an AirGroup Administrator logs on, any device created is created as a Shared Device.


What has been happening in my deployment is the original Personal Device was edited by an AirGroup Administrator on behalf of the owner. This edit also changed the airgroup_shared attribute from no value to a value of 1. This of course means the device in question is now a Shared device.


As the owner of a Personal device the user may not have put their username in the airgroup_shareduser field but added usernames for colleagues. For a Personal device this does not matter as the owner always has access but if the device got changed from personal to shared, there is now no owner, the original owner is not listed among the shared users and therefore can no longer access the device they registered.





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