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AirGroup and Sketch Mirror

From my understanding AirGroup helps with multicast traffic across a wireless network.  Service IDs can be added to enable certain multicast traffic.  I currently have my AirGroup configured with the following services - AirPlay, AirPrint, and Sketch Mirror(_bcbonjour._tcp).  AirPlay and AirPrint currently work but the Sketch Mirror does not work.


Sketch is a tool that is used to assist with mobile app designs.  The user can use their Mac to create a design and then preview it on their mobile device using Sketch to make sure the sizing is correct and that the design looks good on the mobile device.  Sketch Mirror is supposed to automagically sync the Mac to the mobile device.  From Sketch's support page the only thing that needed to be allowed is _bcbonjour._tcp.  This is supposed work similar to Apple's mirroring service.


Both of the devices are connecting to same SSID and are on the same subnet.  ClearPass is not being used.


1.  What is the best way to troubleshoot AirGroup and its members?

2.  Should I be able to see the client(s) using Sketch on the controller under Dashboard --> AirGroup --> AirGroup Users?

3.  Has anyone been successful with getting Sketch Mirror to work?  If so, please let me know what you did to get it working.



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Re: AirGroup and Sketch Mirror

The best thing to do in this case would be to see if there are any additional service IDs that you need.


You can match the device's IP to the table.


(BOSTON-7010) #show airgroup blocked-service-id

AirGroup Blocked Service IDs
Origin      Service ID                                     #response-hits
------      ----------                                     --------------  urn:Belkin:service:deviceevent:1               159  urn:Belkin:service:crockpotevent:1             159  urn:Belkin:service:jardenevent:1               159  _touch-able._tcp                               11538  _esdevice._tcp                                 476  _teamviewer._tcp                               27  _airdroid._tcp                                 1226  urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:mdxdevice:1        104  urn:mdx-netflix-com:service:target:2           104  urn:sonos-com:service:SonosGroup:1             4782  _esfileshare._tcp                              6  _apple-mobdev._tcp                             12  urn:smartspeaker-audio:service:SpeakerGroup:1  17033  _keepalive._dns-sd._udp                        61  _workstation._tcp                              128
Num Blocked Service-ID:15

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Re: AirGroup and Sketch Mirror

Thanks Cappalli - as soon as I can get the user to test I'll check this out.  If I can find an extra service that is needed I'll post it here.

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Re: AirGroup and Sketch Mirror

I had the user run a couple of test and had no luck finding any services that were getting blocked for either IP that was being used.  Both IPs do show as AirGroup users when using the following command:

(stlmc-prd2) #show airgroup users | include
70:3e:ac:c4:5e:1a iPhone-6 664 stl-guest-authenticated STL-AP37 0 0 0 Jun 22 14:01:48

(stlmc-prd2) #show airgroup users | include
ec:35:86:4e:03:66 stl1305006mac 664 stl-guest-authenticated stl-ap80 1367 0 2676 Jun 22 14:01:15

 The Sketch Mirror service works great on a generic(linksys) wireless network I configured for testing and validating that the service works.


Any other ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

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Re: AirGroup and Sketch Mirror

To get Sketch to work we had to disable AirGroup.  As soon AirGroup was disabled Sketch started to wrok.  This did not cause any issues for us since Sketch was being used on our guest network and both devices were connected to the guest network.

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