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AirPrint on "Guest" network

Hi all,


Using IAP-105 devices running firmware version


I am not able to see AirPrint enabled printers on my "Guest" configured networks.  They show up just fine when they are connected to my "Employee" configured network.  Would there be something in the default "Guest" network configuration that would restrict the ability of IOS devices to detect AirPrint printers?





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Re: AirPrint on "Guest" network

Assuming the printers are on the same subnet as the guests trying to connect to the printers, I would check the SSID Broadcast filtering option. If that is set to "All", then the AP will drop broadcast and multicast frames. This will prevent Bonjour from working (which is how a client communicates to a printer for AirPrint). Try setting Broadcast filtering to Disabled.


Zach Jennings
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Re: AirPrint on "Guest" network

Hi.  The printer and clients are on the same SSID.  The Broadcast filtering is disabled (by default).  Works fine when printer and clients are on an SSID configured using "Employee" option.

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Re: AirPrint on "Guest" network

i think you might have ports block on your guest network. Make sure these ports are allow.


ip access-list session printing-acl

  user any tcp 9100 permit

  user any tcp 139 permit

  user any tcp 515 permit

  user any tcp 631 permit

  user any udp 5353 permit

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