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AirRecorder Usage - ZMQ Output

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Spin-Off from another topic, I was interested in finding out what more AirRecorder could do as Jeff (jgoff) mentioned: "there is plenty it can do other than running CLI commands into text files (i.e. the ZMQ output option is not there just for show, rather it's used to send CLI output to post-processing apps)". So far I've just been using it for information gathering into a CSV file - port speed status, poe power save mode, and a BSSID Database for my smartphone.


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Re: AirRecorder Usage - ZMQ Output

hi Chris

To pick up again on this topic, here is an example of what I was alluding to.


Attached is an extemely contrived demo of passing "show ap debug client-table" from AirRecorder to a python app using ZeroMQ (aka ZMQ).


The demo serves only to show the messge passing using the ZMQ "push/pull" pattern (see https://learning-0mq-with-pyzmq.readthedocs.org/en/latest/pyzmq/patterns/pushpull.html) - what you then do with the message could be any number of things.


For example: save it to a SQL database, pass to some other tool (splunk, RRDtool, elasticsearch/kibana, kairos/grafana etc.), merge multiple CLI commands together (i.e. convert bssids to AP names), calculate deltas/rates and generate an alert/syslog message if out of bounds, make a graph for a webpage, pass to a GUI etc.


There are two parts, firstly an AirRecorder instance (and something for it to talk to, i.e. a controller) and secondly the python app which accepts messages from AirRecorder using ZMQ. Note that it may be necessary to install "pyzmq" - the app will throw a warning if this is the case.


The attached zip file contains the following files



      assoc.cmd             - airrecorder command file              - sample credentials file (which needs to be renamed and edited)

      zmq_pull.py           - python (2.7) demo of handling CLI commands over ZMQ

      usage.txt                - usage steps for the demo


I have also included the latest AR .jar file, with the following MD5 sum of the JAR in the zip file

545b9e53f3d890d8dd36c41521cf3388    AirRecorder-1.3.11-release.jar


*note* this demo app will run "show ap debug client-table ap-name <>" against every AP on the controller every 10 seconds. This is not really something that should be done on a production controller without being aware of the risks/impact etc.




Re: AirRecorder Usage - ZMQ Output

Thanks Jeff. It took a little bit, but got the test demo working - forgot I was running 3.X of Python. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this - looking forward to diving into it some more!

Re: AirRecorder Usage - ZMQ Output

hi Chris

glad to know it's working. To give an idea of where this can go, attached are some screen caps of how you can use tools like Kibana/Elasticsearch to process the data coming out of Airrecorder. Obviuously some glue is involved to get this working, but you can see the direction that this allows you to move in for monitoring.



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