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AirRecorder for PoE problems

For anyone who has experienced issues with power, you know how hard it can be to find affected AP's

There are only two ways to know if an AP is operating on insufficient power. One is to physically observe the power indicator on the AP. This is ineffecient at best and impossible in many cases.


The other is to issue show ap debug system-status ap-name "apname" AP name is required here so you would need to issue the command for each and every AP, then sift through the output to find the relevant messages regarding power status.


AirRecorder can be very helpful here. I created a command file containing the name of every AP. AirRecorder then fires off the command for each AP and outputs the results to a file(AirRecorder has some built in varialbes such as ap:name so pulling them from a file was probably not necessary) 

There are options for processing the output so you do not have to dig through irrelevant info.



Re: AirRecorder for PoE problems

We ran into this a couple months ago. I dived into perl scripting and during my research came across AirRecorder. This is indeed a fantastic tool. :-)

Here's the AirRecorder command I used - 0,show ap debug system-status ap-name %{ap:name} | include POE

I then converted it into an importable Excel file, set to highlight any rows that had restrictions. Found 28 out of 500 APs operating in restricted mode.


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