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AirWave trigger for continually rebooting ap’s

We had a bunch of ap’s which were perpetually rebooting. Our main AP down trigger did not catch it as it is set to alert only when an AP is down for 30 minutes. We have reason for leaving that trigger the way that it is. I wanted to create another trigger which specifically catches a situation where ap’s reboot continuously. I have created a device down trigger which limits by the number of down events with down events set to 2. Duration is set to 90 minutes. I figure that this means if an ap reboots or is down twice in 90 minutes the trigger will fire. To test it I rebooted an ap twice  a few minutes apart from the controller using the apboot command. My trigger never fired. Any reason why this would not work ?. If I set the number of down events to 1 and issue the apboot command the trigger does fire. I want it to alert on 2 or more reboots however. Am I understanding how to configure this trigger correctly ?


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