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Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS

Hi all,

Needing some help with setting up an Airgroup.  We have been testing a device called "AirTame".  The airtame uses the same protocols as the Apple airplay.  See here:https://help.airtame.com/install-and-setup/deployment-guide/network-integration-setup


We can get the AirTame devices working fine on our campus APs they auto disocover on port 1900-1901


The problem is we cannot get the auto discovery working when using RAPS and aside from this as they are RAPS we really need to get the multicast routing working and set static entries.  e have tried to setup mDNS but this does not seem to work either - unless we are doing something wrong?

In the documentation the service ID is showing as: Service ID is:  'urn:airtame-com:device:airtame:1'


Will this not work?


Is there any way to set this up using DLNA with a static address on the controller?

Is there anything we need to do differently in terms of RAPs with firewall rules on the controller? 


Are the standard airgroup ports and the auto discover ports (1900-1901) already enabled by default when you enable the airgroup/airplay services? As we did not need to add any rules to the campus APs.


My understanding of this currently is that multicast will not if we are using a source nat which we have no choice in using with our current setup for RAPS.  Has anyone been able to get this working or came up with a suitable workaround/solution?





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Re: Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS

The AirTame page also says that they do not support NAT (Airplay does not support NAT, either).

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Re: Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS


Yes I read that so I am looking to see if anyone has an viable solutions to this?


Re: Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS

Hi Scott, I haven't looked at the airtame document yet do apologise if my questions are a bit silly. 1. Was curious what the toplogy was of your RAPs? Assuming your doing split-tunnel since you mentioned src-nat? 2.How is it desired to be used in these RAP locations and why auto-discover is important as I had thought read at one time that it supports manual ip address information: Important because features become limited without autodiscover - ex from a previous case - without autodiscover clients can't use native iOS screen mirroring Ease of use? - or is it needed for someone that doesn't have a client app installed for first time Neccessary for non-managed machines/BYOD?


Re: Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS



Can I raise this question again as I have now read on the airtame site that this should be possible between multiple vlans and also possible when using a NAT.  They even mention aruba in the documentation:




Re: Airgroup, Airplay & Airtame devices with RAPS

OK so here is a little update after thinking about the advice from another forum member I allowed the UDP ports 1900-1901 and 5353 for SSDP discovery on the controller itself.


This means that now the RAP (the AP on the remote site) can discover all of the airtame devices on the site we have the controller (Back here at main office).


So now the auto discover works it just will not discover the airtame device that is on the remote site which would be local to the RAP.


The last step is to try and get the RAP to discover the local airtame on the remote site automatically. Thanks

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