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Airgroup and Apple Print Server/Apple TV

Good Morning all,


I'm running on a 7200 controller with 6 main VLANS terminating to this device with 1300 + users at any given point.  Running code and would love to utilize Airgroup but dont really understand the functionality.


I have an Apple Print server on each VLAN and it broadcasts the printers to all my Mac OS X Machines and it works great and has for years however when I turn Airgroup on, this functionality "breaks" and users are unable to print through this print server anymore via Bonjour.


We are not utilizing ClearPass with Airgroup.


How can I leverage the use of Airgroup and allow for this cross vlan broadcast to still work with my print servers that sit on each VLAN?


We also have a number of Apple TVs coming on to our netwowk and I'd like to be able to do some cross vlan streaming as well.  Right now I can't take my students off of the VLAN with the Apple TVs on it or else they cannot stream to those Apple TVs.


Thanks for any help or insight you can give.


Forever grateful.




Re: Airgroup and Apple Print Server/Apple TV

Please make sure "Broadcast-filter all" is  NOT turned on the VAP profiles. Below link should give more insight about how air-group functionality works.




Is all the VLAN`s are layer 2, if yes can we try to enable any VLAN as Layer 3 on the controller to see if that helps.




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Re: Airgroup and Apple Print Server/Apple TV

Pretty sure my vlans are layer 2.  Not sure to go about doing what you are saying.  From reading the document it looks as if I would be better off if I had Aruba mobility switches for my wired devices to plug in to.


Seems like I may need to go a different direction for print services for my Mac clients.  Bonjour has always worked so well an easily though. 

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