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Airgroup and Bridge 303H's wired ports

Hello All,


This is a design question.


I have a large Univesity who have places AP 303H's in Student accommodation / Student rooms to give them access on wired and wireless.


At the moment we have a "Student bubble" on the wireless network which restricts registered devices to the certain user who has registered it. For example User 1 registers an Apple TV and can the broadcast to it, however, User 2 who logs in with different credentials will not be able to broadcast to it.


We are looking to do the same on the wired ports however the forwarding mode used is "bridge". We need to somehow get the mdns traffic back to the controllers and we are currently doing this with AP multicast aggregation. For some reason, we can't get any of the headless devices to register as an airgroup server at all and I am starting to wonder if this is even possible.


1. is it possible to configure airgroup for the wired ports on an AP303'h whilst using "bridge" forwarding mode.

2. if not how would we be able to do this, would we need to change the forwarding mode to "tunnel, or decrypt-tunnel" 


Any advice on this would be great!



Ben Casey
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Re: Airgroup and Bridge 303H's wired ports

AirGroup is only supported in Tunnel and decrypt-tunnel forwarding modes

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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