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Airgroup and Reflector software

Has anyone been able to get Airgroup and Reflector software to work with each other? I am currently running a master/local setup with VLAN pooling. I am running code and can successfully get my apple tv's to work perfectly across any VLAN that my user gets thrown into.  When trying to the use the reflector software, I can see the PC that I am trying to connect to but when I click on that PC with an apple IPAD it selects it for a few moments and then jumps off of it. I have opened up all service ID's for troubleshooting and have even added any new ID's found in the blocked queries with no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions or tips to get this working? Thanks in advance.


Reflector Software Website: http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/

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Re: Airgroup and Reflector software

We use nearly the same environment.  It seems to work for us, but the issue we're running into now is that there are too many Apple TV's in the list, and you see all of them from every location.  So many, that some things which connect in don't list all the ATV's available.


Did you ever find out what was causing it?

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Re: Airgroup and Reflector software

No, I have yet to find the problem. Currently we have another SSID to a single VLAN to bypass the issues for now. Do you recall if you had to add any new service ID's to your airgroup list or did it work with default settings?

Have you guys looked into Clearpass yet?

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Re: Airgroup and Reflector software

We did not have to add any new service ID"s to our Airgroup.


What we're currently looking at is doing /20 networks for High Schools, /21 for Middle Schools, and /22 for Elementary schools.  Having 3 SSID's in each location (Public, Private, and Apple TV).


We have a Clearpass demo next week, but $25,000 is out of our budget.  I've looked into possibly doing something with an Avahi gateway if the Multicasts get too out of hand in that large size of a network.



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