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Airgroup domain communication ?

Hi everyone,


I currently have a set-up deployed using an Airgroup Domain with multiple controllers into it. We are using Lantronix print servers which are shared through Clearpass and we can print from any site were the controller are part of the group, so far so good. 

The Lantronix boxes are in their own VLAN (315), which only the controller named "Local C" has a direct VLAN interface configured with.

So I can go to any sites on any controller and print fine. last week I tried to print from a client on Controller D and it wasn't working. After hours of troubleshooting I added VLAN 315 to the controller "Local D" and it started working, strange since all other controllers don't have a direct path to VLAN 315 and they can print fine.

This brings the following questions :

- How does the intercommunication for Airgroup Domains work ? 
- When sharing a airgroup server which other controllers don't have direct access to, how are clients accessing the server ? 


Satori Internetworking

Re: Airgroup domain communication ?

Ok, after quite a while, I found out what's wrong and can give a bit more details about intercommunication. 

From the Aruba Airgroup doc I found the following : 

When an AirGroup controller has the list of all the controllers in the multi-controller table, it will set up a Layer-2 GRE tunnel with all the controllers in the table. The Layer-2 GRE tunnel carries AirGroup specific packets only.



By looking at my GRE tunnels table, I realized that the GRE tunnels are using the controller's virtual IP address, which makes sense :)


So I added the virtual IP in the Airgroup domain and removed the direct path to VLAN 315 and it's working.

Satori Internetworking
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