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Airplay Firewall Ports



I'm trying to go with a more lock downed approach with our students on our network.  They log in with their 802.1x credentials and are assigned a role.


I'd like their roles to be deny-all and only allow services I've designated. http, https, dns, etc....


I'd like them to be able to do Airplay mirroring as one of those services. 


I can't seem to get this to work.  See the pic below of my policy for airplay mirroring.  I found these online.  Still doesn't work.  I choose the Apple TV and it simply drops me off.  Once I do "allow all" on my role it works fine.


Is anyone else doing this?


Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 10.52.26 AM.png

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Re: Airplay Firewall Ports

Might try adding tcp80,udp1900, tcp5297, tcp/udp5298, udp5350-5351, udp49159,  and udp49163 to the list your ACL. I have never locked down that tight.

Just did a quick search to get that.



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Re: Airplay Firewall Ports

Only reason I'd like to lock down that tight is because there are so many crazy ports that Spyware and bit torrents like to run on.  I had an android device have like 20 different connections on 20 different ports.

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Re: Airplay Firewall Ports

Hello did you finally get this working?I am also in a similar situation.

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