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Airplay problems

We recently added a new classroom where they will be supplying iPads to the students in the room. They will also have a TV with an Apple TV connected to it. We installed an AP 135 in the room to support this.  When we went to test this and make sure everyhing was working we were having problems with the sessions getting disconnected until you reboot the device.  Basically it would work for like 1-2 minutes and then it would just stop broadcasting to the tv and it would no longer see the apple tv as an airplay device.  Working with Aruba support we determined that turning off High Throughput seemed to solve the problem.  Obviously turning off HT is not an ideal solution because now performance is reduced. 


Anyone have any ideas what other things i can check so i can try to turn on HT agian?  For this room I had created a new profile and left things at their default settings.  OS is  Thanks.

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Re: Airplay problems

I would upgrade to the latest 6.3.x to see if things improve, OR open a case with support to ensure that your workflow is correct and your devices are advertising correctly.

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