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Airwave - Error - Config Version Not FOUND

HI there, we are running Airwave and have deploued a IAP103 network at a customers site running firmware:


We added his to a group in Airwave and enabled Instant Config to manage the IAP's. Unfortunately the Cluster won't sync their config. It has '!' sign next to it saying

"error --- config version [ ] not found in command model list"


How can, and how can we solve?


I tried to do a firmware upgrade to - but i get response back:

"Devices are in monitor state or do not need upgrade.


Can anyone help?

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Re: Airwave - Error - Config Version Not FOUND

Unfortunately, IGC (Instant Graphical Configuration) is not available in for or yet.  You would have to do template-based configuration, or just monitor it with Airwave and configure it at the VC, for now.  An Airwave upgrade in the near future should enable IGC for and


As for your second question, it looks like you placed the AP in monitor mode.  You need to "Allow firmware upgrades in monitor-only mode:" under AMP Setup> Firmware Upgrade/Reboot options.


I am not sure how many things you might have changed, so if this is a production network, you might want TAC's advice to get your system the way you want it.  I am just answering based on the information you gave me.


In addition, Aruba just release the IAP Validated Reference Design Guide here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Validated-Reference-Design/Aruba-Instant-Validated-Reference-Design/ta-p/258782  You don't have the read the whole thing, but it is a good reference.

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Re: Airwave - Error - Config Version Not FOUND

Okay so this is strange.


But okay, I have to downgrade IAP's correct to let Airwave manage them.


Which version (latest) is supported by Airwave

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